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Collie Expressions Animation July/August 2017

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• Lesson of the Day •
In the 1936 CCA Yearbook, J. T. Cooper, MD (Elmhill) said some interesting things about Collie ears. He told of the recent steady and marked improvement in nearly every physical aspect of the Collie with the most noticeable exception of "the perfect natural ears." He stated, "All weighting methods strengthen the ears and when the weight is removed they more readily assume their pricked postion." The good doctor offered no proof for his assertion. One could assume that he had noted that if weights were applied the ears ultimately reacted as he stated. However, the assumption that the weights strengthened the ears leads to further questions. What part or parts of the ears are strengthened under such conditions? Some breeders have written that it strengthened the muscles of the ear or the cartilege. Other remaining tissues in the ear are vessels, lymphatics, nerve, skin, fascia and hair, which, it would appear, could not be strengthened.
Milton C. Borman, MD in the CCA Yearbook 1967.